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Body & Soul Complex
701 Bridge St.
Lehighton Pa. 18235

Public Storage Units - Self Storage Units
701 Bridge St. Lehighton, Pa.
Body & Soul Storage Inc.

Public Storage,Self Storage,Storage Rental Units,Lehighton,PA.

  • 24 Hour Access To Your Unit

  • 24/7 Security Surveillance, Multiple Cameras, All Access Recorded

  • 5 Minutes From Mahoning Valley Exit Northeast Ext.
    Pa. Turnpike via 209 South, Just Off Route 443 
    Location Map

  • No Electric - No Climate Control

Size Monthly Rate Security Deposit
5x10 53.00 50.00
10x10 68.90 65.00
10x15 79.50 75.00
10x20 95.40 90.00
10x25 132.50 125.00
10x30 159.00 150.00
OUTSIDE Monthly 31.80 Security Deposit 30.00
  • Benefits Self Storage Unit Renting
  • Items stored securely in a safe storage unit have many benefits including many you would not expect.
  • Prioritizing.
    You will be amazed how making extra room around your home will help you organize, prioritize, free up space, allow you to envision new remodeling ideas, plans, and help you envision your live style more clearly.
  • Not ready to get rid of it? But, it is taking up space! Clear the clutter, and start with a clean slate. You will often find storing un-used things around your home brings a lot of piece of mind. 
  •  Sort your belongings for storage, deciding what to store and what to keep can really help you envision your lifestyle more clearly.
  • Make your home more livable with additional space. Store those extra items like bikes, hobby items, out of season items.
  • House Selling Tip! Store Your Clutter!
  • Putting Your House on the Market? Store Your Clutter!
  • If you don't use it in day to day life, Store It!
    And, When you sell, that is a lot less to deal with moving!
    You can straighten up far faster when you have less to deal with for a showing, open house etc.
  • Organize your self storage unit and make it easy to get to what you want when you need it.
    Label all containers clearly. Neatly written labels allow anyone in the family to be able to easily find something. Try to put a lable on a side or end and the top so you can easily see what is inside.
  • Stacking your items in a orderly fashion makes life so much easier allowing you to quickly run into your storage unit and grab what you need and be on your way.
  • A list of what your storing and what you take out on a clipboard with pen just inside the door of your unit allows you to tell at a glance what is there, what isn't, when, or any other notes that a great piece of mind and make it easy to find what you did with something.
  • Self Storage for commercial uses is perfect for business for storing, tools, business records, equipment, supplies, extra retail inventory, many uses actually. Any business going through a transition and need of getting clutter out of the way while retaining items, giving you room to work while avoiding the high cost of renting additional commercial space.

    Self Storage rentals for business on average is about 60% less expensive than renting additional commercial space.
    Storage unit rentals makes sense for retaurants, hospitals, healthcare facilities, retailers, moving companies, realtors, and that is just a few uses.


Body & Soul Complex Inc. - 701 Bridge St. - Lehighton Pa. 18235
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